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Warmest Greetings from Bali. 

Bali Rastiti Bhakti Foundation was established in the area of Kemenuh Village, Sukawati, in 2015 until now. The Bali Rastiti Bhakti foundation, is a foundation that has activities in education and social program. Our foundation aims to help develop human resources in the fields of education and society.  

The activities are carried out in many forms that include collaborating with various parties such as schools and universities, opening a Learning Center for local communities and surroundings in the education fields, and inviting overseas volunteers to share general knowledge with the background of environmental wisdom, local arts, and culture. These are aiming at increasing sustainable economic income for the surrounding community.

Our Program


Education Rocks is a Global Leadership Program Since 2010 when the first US Sponsor supported a child’s schooling in Bali, Education Rocks has ...

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Motivation and Leadership

Our Vision and Mission are to share with others, encourage people to recognize and appreciate the diversity of Indonesia’s culture, environment ...

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English Class

It is so important to learn English, especially for education and the future, this is because English is one of the international languages ??used by ...

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Art and Cultural Activities

Culture and traditions inherited by ancestors, if preserved until now, will certainly become a unique tradition, as we find in many parts of Indonesia...

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Bali Rastiti Bhakti


All goodness will spread in all directions


The circle Mandala is a form of Mandala which means strength, maintaining relationships and appreciating the beauty of the universe.

Hands : GOD, Community, Enviroment

a harmonious life which includes the development of a complete human being with devotion to God Almighty, love for environmental sustainability and harmony and peace with others.

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